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Advance Investigation

Advance offers clients a superior investigation service. Our investigators have the experience and skills to do a professional job every time. Always thorough, our investigation work returns substantial savings to our clients and our robust evidence gathering techniques and recording practices ensure investigation information is always accurate and admissible.

We cover all areas of investigation and we also provide a specialist fire investigation team, partnering with Australasia’s leading fire cause and origin forensic company.

A Nationwide Network

With a team of qualified and licensed private investigators located across the country, we are the largest provider of insurance investigation services in New Zealand, and we can assist with all types of investigation work.

Knowledge and Experience

Advance clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of insurance policy and legislation, case law and statutory regulations and more than 15 years investigation experience. We’re the experts.

Thorough and Proven Investigation Methods

Our investigators use proven investigative techniques and the latest policy interpretations to complete their investigations. We’ve developed a robust investigation process and our clients can be confident that our work is always thorough, accurate and reliable.

Quality Investigation and Reporting

An experienced and qualified investigation supervisor oversees every Advance investigation to ensure our rigorous standards are met. Our reports present clear, relevant and conclusive findings and can be customised to an individual client’s requirements.

Established Global Networks

Over the past 15 years we’ve built strong industry networks here and overseas, to assist us with our investigations. We have established networks in the Pacific Islands and Advance is a member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

Contact Us:

Ph: 0800 400 780